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The quality of your company logo can help brand your business whether you are an established business or a new start up company. Brand recognition can be gained through your logo, and can mean the difference between success and failure. A strong recognizable logo is a first impression of your core values and goals. In an instant it represents everything your company stands for, therefore it is important to give a positive impression to your clients.

At LADO Studio, we know that the key to attract clients is a unique, professional and captivating logo. One that will leave a memorable impression on your target audience. Your logo represents your business, and a well designed logo will visualize your companies identity and reflect it's dedication, commitment and professional image.

LADO Studio's approach is simple; we value the communication between us and our clients. During our meeting we will work with you to create a logo that is easily reproduced in color as it does in black and white, on a small and big scale with no distortion or lack of clarity. Your logo will look identical in print, as well as digitally. Our unique logo designs are created from scratch whether it is hand drawn or digitally animated, and is customized to our clients requirements. During our meeting we will discuss your needs and requirements to perfect the logo that will stand out amongst your competitors, and most of all will be memorable. When the logo is completed you will have full rights and title to the finished product.

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