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Mobile Design

Can everybody see your website? Smart phones are becoming some of the most popular used devices to browse on the internet; a mobile optimized version of your website is a must for your business. With the opportunities emerging from the expansion of mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Tablets, etc.), it is important for websites to be mobile compatible. At Lado Design Studio, we can develop a mobile friendly view to your website and bring your customers to your site on all platforms. We know how to create a mobile edition of your website for mobile browsers, and we have the tools to set your original website to auto-detect user platforms, so if your website is accessed by a smart phone it will load a mobile friendly alternative version.

Lado Design Studio can create mock-ups that demonstrate both style and user interface details, defining the user experience including navigation, touch points, and gestures.

We strongly recommend a mobile website if you don’t want missing images, cut off text, missing data, and page load errors, when your website loads into a smart phone browser. Your clients would browse your website with no frustration of resizing. We make sure that your mobile website version would perform at its best, with no delays for downloading the content. Our mobile websites have the capability to send SMS or call you with a click of a button. Lado Design Studio provides mobile design solutions such as Responsive Design Server Side Web App and development.

Your customers can get your information on the go with cross-platform compatible mobile optimized website, our professional team designs and code your mobile site to load quickly and look great on a smaller screen. Lado Design Studio provides complete mobile design solutions.

Don’t wait and mobile optimize your website today! Contact us for free consultation or quote.