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At LADO Studio, we listen! During your consultation we takes notes on what you want, your goals, your visions and ideas, your mission and values that will set you apart from the competition. Together we will assess your needs and desired outcomes, and work together throughout the entire project to achieve your desired visions, and goals.
Throughout our in-person consultation meeting, we will work together to figure out what your target audience and target market is, as well as who your competitors are in order to get to know your business and goals more thoroughly. We will consistently do follow ups via email or telephone to gather any necessary business related materials, as well as answering your questions to ensure a quality experience.


After a successful consultation we devise a thorough plan for the project, that will depict every step in order to achieve your vision and goals. LADO Studio's proposal will include project specifications, time frames and deadlines and lastly the cost of the project. Once both parties have agreed on the proposal, only then will we move on to the design and development stage of the project.

Design and Development

Once we have reviewed and agreed on the project, the design and development phase will be implemented into the project. You must note that the duration time frame varies between projects.

As LADO Studio begins to develop the concept and we will send out various formats for you to review and choose from. During the development stage of the project we will continuously communicate with you, in order to revise and adjust anything if it is required. Once we're finished with the graphic design and development aspect of the project, we will email a final copy of the finished product for a final review and approval. We test constantly to ensure effective websites, to ensure that your developed website is effective immediately.


Upon your final approval, we will develop and prepare the necessary files. At this final stage, we will deliver digital files, print outputs and launch the developed website. Our clients have the sole ownership; and we email and mail a CD containing your materials. If requested, we will forward files to a print shop.

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